Justin Bieber not looking for a relationship now

Baby singer, Justin Bieber has been on a mission to save his public image. And after the appearance of his Comedy Central Roast, the twenty one year old has carried on his tour of attrition with a brand new interview.

The Canadian pop singer told a leading US bases news-house that he has cut down all these bad charms in his retinue, is working hard on himself instead of looking for an all new girlfriend, and even junked his album to better ponder the alterations he has undergone recently.

Justin told that he left a lot of people behind who really were not on the same journey in which he was on. And he has got a lot of brand new people in his life who are pouring into him, and not taking away from him.

Speaking about love, the pop star said that at this point of time in his life, he is very much concentrated on himself and he is really not looking a new relationship.

Earlier, he had a turmoil filled relationship with singer-actress Selena Gomez. He told that he is looking for a girl whom he could lean on. This is a hard business and he wants someone that he could confide in.

But those are not the only things that they have altered. The singer’s song writing has also gone through a great transformation that also saw some dramatic result.