Ashley Tisdale sparkles even without make-up

This is, in general, a tongue in cheek phrase that is utilized when you have spent 2 hours getting all set but want to guess you have not. Ashley Tisdale, however, made a little point in her 'I woke up like this' sign sweater as she headed towards home totally make-up free from the gym on Tuesday morning.

The actor relished a sunrise work-out in the West Hollywood, and papered over with the attaining black sweater decorated with white writing as she left. While Tisdale might have just mounted out of bed she looked magnificent with flawless make-up free skin as well as her hair falling in natural waves.

Tisdale was dressed in work-out pants along with a mottle print, and grey and coral training shoes, and carried a snakeskin and orange bowling bag. The fitness freak was making sure she kept her disciplined procedure in the midst of the excitement of a little screen return.

The twenty nine year old actor has landed a starring role in a brand new teen sitcom program on TBS comedy. Clipped deals with the antics of a bunch of twenty something that fell into different friendship bunch as teens but themselves working with each other at a Massachusetts barbershop when they leave school.

It has been ten years since she made her name starring alongside on High School Musical with her best pal Vanessa Hudgens as Sharpay Evans.